Hello monkey-mind! Let’s watch our breath.” - Mingyur Rinpoche

Meditation is merely giving a part-time job to your monkey-mind.

Rainbow above Taro Patch in Mānoa Valley by D. Howard Hitchcock

Imagine your fingers are steel hooks.” - John Bachar

After recently watching the documentary Valley Uprising, I am contemplating the life of John Bachar. He was unrelenting in spirit and died doing what he loved. He was grounded and floated above the clouds. He was regimented in his routines and free in his pursuits.

Taking all the bad with the good. Taking life with death and death with life. What more can you ask for?

The wind blows through a bamboo grove, and the trunks clatter together. When it has passed, the grove is silent once more. Geese crossing the sky are reflected in a cold, deep pool. When they are gone, no trace remains. For the sage, when something comes, it appears in the mind. When it goes, the mind returns to the void.” - Caigentan

I really want to visit Samovar Tea in San Francisco.

Zen is not something to get excited about. Some people start to practice Zen just out of curiosity, and they only make themselves busier. If your practice makes you worse, it is ridiculous. I think that if you try to do zazen once a week, that will make you busy enough. Do not be too interested in Zen. When young people get excited about Zen they often give up schooling and go to some mountain or forest in order to sit. That kind of interest is not true interest.” - Shunryu Suzuki